During the upheaval of the Bakumatsu Era, there was an Imperialist warrior feared as the "Hitokiri Battosai." However, upon the arrival of the new era the Battosai disappeared from the public eye, leaving behind just his legend of the strongest Revolutionary warrior.

Years later in downtown Tokyo, on the 11th year of Meiji.
Kenshin Himura, a traveling swordsman who vowed to never kill again on the sakabato (reverse blade sword) he carries on his hip, meets Kaoru Kamiya, the head instructor of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu sword style.
Kenshin solves the case of a crossroad killer who was tarnishing the name of the Kasshin-ryu while claiming to be the "Hitokiri Battosai," which then leads to Kaoru offering to have the wanderer stay at her dojo.
Follow Kenshin's journey as he makes treasured friendships with Yahiko Myojin, a descendent of a samurai-class family in Tokyo, and Sanosuke Sagara, a fighter for hire, and faces off against various foes who have unfinished business from Kenshin's past.

The curtains have opened on the inspiring tale of a swordsman,

and the resolute people surrounding him, living in the new Meiji Era.